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Aurora announces ROI tool for Intelligent Automation

Posted on 1st Jun 2019

1.15 minutes read

The UK based technology company provides Intelligent Automation services for businesses and organisations delivering cost reductions and increased productivity for the UK, European and Australian business. Aurora works in partnership with Catalytic Inc. as a Certified partner of the leading US intelligent automation software company.

Using the Catalytic AI-driven Intelligent Automation Platform calculator tool is simple. It takes a real business process and the elements that can be automated, along with the work effort required to establish the potential benefits of cost reduction and increased productivity. After completing a few questions, the online tool will automatically generate a personalized estimation of the ROI calculation.

Dave Smith, founder, and CEO said:

“This handy online calculator tool only takes minutes to demonstrate how automating business processes can save time and money for a business. Then in partnership with us, we can help deliver these measurable business outcomes automating business processes enterprise-wide for organisations in any industry.”

Discover how Aurora can help transform your business operations and deliver cost reductions by using the Auroras Automation ROI tool. [link to new tool]

Aurora are Intelligent Automation specialists with a driving passion to help clients re-imagine new ways of working by leveraging an exciting selection of smart digital technologies and services within the Catalytic Intelligent Automation cloud.

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Aurora is a certified UK, European and Australian
partner of Catalytic services