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Intelligent Automation in Transport & Logistics

Intelligent Automation reduces scheduling effort by 92%

Case Study

Industry: Additional Industries
Presence: Shipments across 100+ countries
# of Employees: 10,000


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • Manual and tactical work prevented operational efficiency 
  • Lack of employee engagement caused high turn-over 
  • Struggled to deliver on customer expectations


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • Inefficiencies in the organisation’s appointment scheduling process, which accounted for 6,000 hours, were addressed
  • The team evaluated its operations, then designed and implemented automated processes to uncover ways to scale efforts


Aurora-ecs ROI
  • 75% of tasks associated with appointment scheduling were automated, reducing the 6,000 hours down to 500
  • This resulted in $100,000 per year in cost savings rising to $1m pa once fully rolled out

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