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Meet the Team

Who we are

We are Intelligent Automation specialists with a driving passion to help clients re-imagine new ways of working by leveraging an exciting selection of smart AI-enabled digital technologies and services.

Customer focus is at the core of everything we do. We roll up our sleeves, dive in and deliver end to end process automations.

Looking to digitally transform your business? Need to identify your digital automation challenges? We can help.

What do we do

We supercharge your business by empowering your people to take ownership to automate your business processes for endless innovation, freeing up your people to focus on higher-value business activities.

As with the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) engage with Aurora to fully understand how you can illuminate your world of digital services and business process transformation using AI-enabled next-generation Intelligent Automation.

Management Team

David Smith

CEO & Managing Partner

As the founder and CEO of Aurora, Dave leads with management oversight for all industries and services collaborating with client executives, helping them drive change in their companies to improve their competitiveness.

Over the years he has developed an authentic passion for technology and process innovation delivering operational impact through advanced and emerging digital technologies.

Passionate about family, equality and business. 


Gary Vasey

Chief Operating Officer

Gary is a seasoned and experienced practitioner with over 18 years’ experience in the system design, delivery and implementation of software services for Global / National companies and leads the team charged with ensuring world-class delivery and support services for the entire portfolio.

Ros Haith

Executive Director

Ros is an experienced executive after spending the last 30 years leading development teams across transformational Business services propositions, plus the strategic development of these services into new markets for the world’s leading Global System Integrators.

Most recently Ros was a Global Sales Officer for Capgemini Group, a member of Capgemini’s UK country board and member of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Diversity board. 

Deb Sharratt

Head of Communications

Deb is responsible for creating, managing and directing Aurora’s internal and external communications. A CIPR Fellow, Deb has extensive experience across many sectors and industries.

Anne Teague

Executive Director

Anne is an experienced executive with over 25 years of leading major business transformation programmes covering Business and Process optimisation, IT & BPO advisory services.

In addition, in her tenure as Global CIO for Heineken and Sara Lee she successfully optimised and transformed the IT, Finance Shared Service & procurement groups.

Prins Jaspal

Executive Director

Prins is an executive leader within sales leadership and entrepreneurial roles with over 10 years of international experience in creating go-to-market strategies while increasing sales revenue in enterprise start-up's.

Prins represents Investors and VC's interests on the boards on behalf of multiple start-up's with over 3 successful unicorn exits in individual contribution roles, management positions more recently as founder / CRO of one of the fastest AI growing company's (Contexta360) in the Benelux and Europe. 


Ava Digital

Team Collaborator

Ava is our digital team member and collaborates with the team to automate our own business processes leveraging intelligent automation including Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, alongside many other cognitive technologies.

People and digital workers, united and unified.

Lauren Ogilvie

Director of Business Services

Lauren is responsible for developing the operational plan, developing policies and managing day to day key operations.

Steve Koutros

Executive Director

Steve has over 25 years’ experience with a proven track record focused on shared services, global business services and outsourcing consulting.

Bringing an external and independent perspective to the Board, assisting with strategy, supporting the development of the business while challenging and advising the executive directors along with the execution of the company strategy and values. 


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