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Intelligent Automation in Finance & Accounting

Our business world revolves around financial acumen and the ability to maximise cash.

Dramatically Improve Invoice Intake Process


Aurora Funnel

Shared Services team process invoicing from more than 30 different systems. With thousands of invoices per month, it was time-consuming to collect and process as there were a variety of formats.

  • Manual data extraction from every document, identifying missing information, and reupload was time-consuming and repetitive, creating increased errors, slow processing times and billing delays.


Aurora Lightbulb

Designed a new end to end invoice intake process that automated 90% of the manual work through Intelligent Automation and machine learning models.


Aurora ROI

£100,000 saved during the initial automation project with£$1M+ savings gained across all invoice processes.

Automate extracting data from multiple sources and update finance teams


Aurora Funnel
  • Multiple disparate systems with data being  provided to a group of pricing analysts.
  • Complex, multi-step manual processes using emails & excel spreadsheets to determine the correct pricing quotes.
  • Requests are tracked manually and prone to errors.


Aurora Lightbulb
  • 100% Automated data collection.
  • Extracts 200+ fields from over 20,000 quotes annually.
  • Orchestrate handoffs, provide script for customer interaction, collect data.
  • Maintain requests within a centralised dashboard and reporting model.


Aurora ROI
  • 99% reduction in data errors.
  • Processed in under 1 minute so saving 4,800+ hours annually.

Our list is extensive, it is not exhaustive, so if you don’t see the process you are looking for please get in touch with us, and we’ll take a look for you.

  • Procure to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Record to report
  • Vendor set up
  • Incentive claims
  • Sales orders
  • Collections
  • Report generation
  • Trend tracking
  • Invoice process automation
  • Foreign currency conversion
  • Quickly calculate and send quotes
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