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What is Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation: a new era of innovation

What is it?

Intelligent Automation blends automation and artificial intelligence to enable digital process automation. In doing so it accelerates efficiency, profitability and compliance, while empowering people to focus on higher value activities, creating real business impact.

Why it matters?

Intelligent Automation enables you to seamlessly control your enterprise transformation by unifying process activities across front, middle and back-office, resulting in a new borderless, highly-automated and client-centric organisation.

Where it's going?

Intelligent Automation helps initiate the creation of a future Hyperautomation state where you improve customer and employee satisfaction while delivering at scale an optimised enterprise business model under your control.

Your business strategy is underpinned by your Intelligent Automation strategy

Welcome to the exciting world of Intelligent Automation, a place where people and digital workers stand united as a combined collaborative workforce within a unified enterprise.

A Unified Enterprise delivers seamless enterprise-wide operations, pivoting around three core areas: customer, suppliers, and employee’s end-to-end journeys across all areas of the business.

Intelligent Automation is a proven way to bring real results to your top and bottom line and a key enabler in reducing your carbon footprint supporting your journey towards carbon neutrality.

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Driving agility, scale and control:

Intelligent Automation puts you in control of your business processes by eliminating organisational silos, unifying activities across your front, middle, and back-office, resulting in a new borderless, hyperautomated client-centric organisation.

With our enterprise-wide Intelligent Automation capability, we can automate any business process, in any function in any industry.



Reimagine how work gets done. Then start configuring the business of the future, today

To successfully achieve your Intelligent Automation journey, we think about your projects as a portfolio of objectives. 

Step one is create a pool of untested ideas. Then using agile ideation workshops we will together explore the feasibility of the ideas iteratively to create a pipeline and roadmap of 'potential' value ideas to explore.

The business of the future looks completely different when we augment your 'peoples’ abilities with Hyperautomation, “People and digital workers, united and unified”.

The right talent mix. Enable your people to be the automation experts

You already have the right people in your business.

We empower your people to:

  • Easily take control to create, deliver and manage your process automations using user-friendly low code services with no coding experience required.
  • Collaborate and innovate to deliver increased productivity while reducing costs.
  • Accelerating ROI and value creation throughout your organisation.

You will be surprised that you do not need new kinds of talent to deliver the benefits of Intelligent Automation. Our No-Code platform is enabling the average business user to harness this technology without the need for coding experience. To create and deliver value quickly and seamlessly.


Your existing teams will realise the value

Moving from pilot to live production, enabled by the right digital transformation strategy and governance framework creating your future digital end state target operating model. 

Intelligent Automation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or tick in the box, it is at the very core of your business.

Your people, your process, your outcomes!

Combined they deliver dramatic results mitigating risks, while increasing compliance, growth and profitability

An Intelligent Automation platform armed with advancements of the latest AI-powered services pushes the boundaries by connecting people, processes and technology, creating real tangible value across your enterprise – leading to true Hyperautomation.

Aurora in partnership with Catalytic's Intelligent Automation Cloud enhances your business operations by augmenting your teams. Digital workers infused with technological advancements in process automation to deliver the “next-generation target operating model” Mckinsey.


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