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De-risking the post COVID-19 future with Intelligent Automation

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Now more than ever workflow automations are essential to provide uninterrupted service when it is no longer business as usual. The easing of lockdowns throughout the world, bring with them the opportunity to embrace Intelligent Automation and digital transformation.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation empowers humans with advanced smart technologies and agile processes for faster, more intelligent decisions. The key benefits of IA in business include:

  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of processes
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Optimises back office operations
  • Reduces risks as well as costs
  • Maximises work force productivity

Post COVID-19 Business Operations

The speed and scale of the escalation of the COVID-19 crisis demonstrates the necessity for continuous end-to-end assessment, optimisation and monitoring across all businesses in all sectors. By combining technological advancements including artificial intelligence (AI); robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML) Intelligent Automation transforms the relationship between people and technology, enabling a new level of collaboration, accelerating the levels of creativity and value within the enterprise.

  • Companies can manage their own operations effectively and efficiently negating the need for expensive outsourcing.
  • Adoption of new ways of working to automate processes and facilities and changes in supply chain.
  • Improvements in data, workflow & analytics to become a data driven enterprise
  • Augmenting and automating to create agility in your operations. Responding fast to technological advancements and exceeding customers ever-increasing expectations.
  • When merging with or acquiring another business all processes can quickly be standardised, plugged in quickly and operations transformed.
  • Reducing expenditure when revenue streams cease as third-party support and costs diminish.
  • Large scale enforced employee absences will not create chaos if the core tasks that help keep the business running are automated
  • Collaborating and building resilience to react quickly and positively to rapidly changing markets and environments

COVID-19 Business Disruption

We have all just witnessed much disruption to business brought about by COVID-19 and the effects of coronavirus. Applying Intelligent Automation can resolve immediate needs and provide long-term benefits due to increased consumer engagement and higher client satisfaction.

  • Cancellations and refunds especially within travel and tourism
  • Credit management
  • Coronavirus App for tracking and testing
  • Online interactive tools that provides tailored advice
  • Online tools to divert queries from over run customer service teams
  • Claiming government support for businesses
  • Enabling the systems, processes, and infrastructure for successful remote working
  • Use analytics data to address customers’ needs
  • Establish strong governance and compliance
  • Online ordering and payment for food deliveries

Given the importance of hand washing and social distancing to fight the coronavirus recession it is likely that we will see faster adoption of automation technologies, whether in the form of online ordering in restaurants, checkout-free shopping or robotic hand washing machines.

Predicting the unexpected

If the future is to create a new normal and a better managed world, it must embrace scientific and technological advancements. Being better equipped to manage a new crisis or the second wave of coronavirus and being able to make better and more informed decisions will be vital.

Prediction becomes paramount. Intelligent Automation creates data driven organisations. Data means measurable. Measurement means you can manage and therefore predict. Digital transformation optimises your operations and in doing so minimises and mitigates risk. Technology not only enables the analysis of all types of data for what is expected, but also to look for the unexpected and unimagined.

Whether the next business interruptions are caused by a global, national, or local crisis, Intelligent Automation and the digital transformation of your enterprise will mitigate risk, provide agility, and enable full control over you own operations. We do not know what is coming next, but the one thing we need to be is prepared.

Intelligent Automation will make companies more efficient and digitally transformed. Discover how Aurora can help you to start your automation journey.

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