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Automate for tomorrow by empowering your talent of today

Dave Smith, CEO of Aurora, explains how you can empower your existing employees to deliver your digital transformation as well as enable them to focus on higher value activities when implementing Intelligent Automation.

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The mission is to elevate human potential, not to eliminate it


You might not think it, but your current employees are your future employees.

Automating with Aurora means your employees will learn new digital skills as they automate your business processes.

  • We can retrain and upskill any employee, so they can easily create and deliver the process automations that you need, using our no-code, AI-enabled, Intelligent Automation platform.
  • This way you will have unlimited resources, when you need them on demand, at a greatly reduced cost base. 
  • By taking this approach you’ll achieve your primary objectives whilst your teams will experience increased job satisfaction and well-being. 

This will deliver incremental value and ROI, as well as, accelerating your digital transformation.


Preventing the cost of disengagement 


It is estimated that disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £70 billion every year. These costs are derived from: lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity, creativity and innovation (Gallup).

On average office workers spend approximately 45% of their time on repetitive, admin-based tasks which could be eliminated as apart of business process automation

Highly manual and time-consuming activities lead to employee disengagement which results in higher absenteeism, decreased productivity, lower job satisfaction and diminished employee wellbeing.


Motivate your employees through Intelligent Automation

Our no-code, AI-enabled Intelligent Automation platform will easily automate 50-100% of the processes within your business operation.

In doing so you’ll eliminate manual, repetitive tasks, and enable your employees to focus on higher-value activities that drive engagement, productivity, and performance. 

Using this newly available resource to innovate, using their knowledge and expertise to achieve the business outcomes you desire.

“The opportunities are limitless... AI and automation should be injected in every process and workflow... The mission is to elevate human potential, not to eliminate it.” Max Cheprasov, Dentsu


Retrain your employees to be ahead of the game

Imagine automating your entire end to end business processes, quickly and easily, with your existing employees.

You’ll see financial benefits of cost reduction, increased productivity and improved ROI whilst being able to mitigate disruption and prepare for future challenges.

You might not think it, but your current employees are your employees of the future. 

Empowering them with our no-code, AI-enabled, Intelligent Automation platform, means you can focus on controlling your outcomes for your business’ future growth



Drive a culture of innovation with Intelligent Automation

Make innovation a part of day-to-day work life.

Companies that encourage creativity and innovation outperform their competitors by driving up customer satisfaction, revenue growth and market share (Forrester, 2019).

Use Intelligent Automation technologies to build a culture that allows your teams to harness their knowledge, creativity and innovative thinking instead of spending their time on monotonous, routine activities.

Encouraging your team to innovate will make them feel challenged, valued and engaged. That in turn, positively impacts employee performance, job satisfaction and drives better business outcomes.



Empower employees to accelerate your automation

Empower your teams to realise their value, all whilst creating a digital end state target operating model. 

By accelerating your digital transformation, you will create value, deliver increased productivity and reduce expenditure.

Our Intelligent Automation platform is equipped with advancements of the latest AI solutions. This means your business is able to push boundaries by connecting people, processes and technology. Get started and create real tangible value across your enterprise – leading to true Hyperautomation.


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