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Why Choose Us

We supercharge your business by empowering your people to take ownership to automate your business processes.

We inspire our clients to innovate and self-automate to improve operations, accelerate ROI, and drive top-line growth.

We are experts in Hyperautomation. Aurora has been built on many years of expertise, combined with the deep domain knowledge and complementary technology solutions provided within Catalytic's Intelligent Automation Platform.

We are experienced across all industries. We have over a decade of experience running thousands of processes for medium, large, and global companies. We deliver transformation through our extensive digital, automation, and agile consulting capabilities.

We deliver results. With Aurora you have a proven Catalytic Services provider who can get you ready to meet your automation needs. Who you can leverage as a consulting, solution, training, integration and/or technology partner - to innovate, automate, create, build and accelerate solutions against your toughest business process automation challenges.

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Aurora is a certified UK, European and Australian
partner of Catalytic services