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Human Resources Automation

Automating repetitive HR activities and reduce the cost and time spent on manual processes.

HR teams are innovating in the way they hire and manage work at a phenomenal pace. Ai-Powered Intelligent Automation is an essential element enabling HR in facilitating connectivity, boosting morale, and driving productivity.

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“HR can take a more prominent role in digital transformation programs.” - Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist - Dell Boomi in The HR Director Magazine


Do more with less and increase creativity

Across all industries, Human Resources teams are being challenged to do more with less. 

This means being innovative and coming up with new ways to work. Producing more with the same number of (or fewer) employees. 

And improving efficiency at the same time as recognising that to be competitive in attracting talent, they need to meet employee demands for a better more engaging experience. 

Most business leaders will tell you that creativity is critical to business success. And a recent study of work by Adobe, found employees are more invested in work than ever – but expect the same in return.

As AI-Powered automation progresses what remains for employees to tackle are value added tasks—the complex, creative tasks on which humans outperform machines.  

HR automation empowers HR teams to focus on what matters most – people.


56% of all HR tasks can be automated 

56% of all HR tasks can be automated

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that as much as 56% of all human resource tasks can be automated. 

The HR automation journey begins when someone in the department sees that existing processes for performing essential tasks requires tedious and inefficient manual actions that take too long and waste time and money.

With automation crucial HR administrative tasks such as feeding data, creating files, sharing documents, selecting candidates with specific skills and pre-filling forms are handled accurately, quickly and efficiently. 

This level of automation allows your HR employees to focus their time on delivering business value where it really matters by stripping away the dull and the mundane, paving the way for more engaging work and learning.


Seamless AI-Powered technology for HR

Our Intelligent Automation services enable the automation of manual tasks and routine business processes across the majority of HR functions ranging from recruitment, on-boarding and off-boarding, and learning and development to absence management, data management and retirement. 

Mckinsey identified that the right mix of AI, machine learning, smart workflow, robotic process automation (RPA), and advanced predictive analytics, can support clients to automate every day, high-volume, transaction-based tasks, freeing up skilled resources to engage in high-value work and increase productivity.

At Aurora, we use our AI-Powered Intelligent Automation framework to help clients identify and apply the right automation technologies to advance their HR digital agenda. 

“We enabled our HR teams through the use of automation to deliver extra services with the same amount of people allowing us to complete more meaningful work so increasing the ROI of the HR practice” - Kate Palmer HR technologies lead - Mayo Clinic


Consistent, quality recruitment & onboarding

With Intelligent Automation you can automate 90% of the recruitment and onboarding processes.

Speed up sourcing and pre-hire activities by automating the manual data processing work within your existing systems. Use natural language processing for resume parsing and serve up only the top candidates, help schedule interviews, generate documents, fill out forms and more.

Whether you’re trying to save time while improving employee experiences in your HR department or staffing firm, automated onboarding processes are the answer for more consistent, quality onboarding for higher retention rates and operational efficiencies.


Putting the human back into human resources

One staffing firm automated 50% of the 100+ interview process tasks by using Intelligent Automation, improving the end-to-end experience for recruiters, clients and candidates.

Mayo Clinic saved 40,000 hours of work in HR and used the savings to scale automation across the organisation for:

  • Reduced risk
  • Higher productivity 
  • Increased data integrity
  • Career development
  • Better service excellence to employees

Your team can easily create new process workflows without any technical or coding experience using hundreds of available actions, integrations, and data tools, without having to rely on IT. Our platform handles the manual workload while keeping your teams and employees in the loop.


Benefits of HR AI-powered automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly proving its worth in transforming efficiency and performance across HR in the age of digital transformation. 

By taking away the manual data processing work you can implement HR automation best practice to: 

  • Hire faster
  • Optimise candidate experience
  • Retain more employees 
  • Optimise the employee experience 

This is in addition to the efficiencies and the cost savings that automation brings whilst driving agility, scale and control of your business.

Find out the potential of automation for your organisation with our ROI tool

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