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Intelligent Automation in Operations

Technology services underpin the framework of business operations to enable, connect and transform the delivery of services and drive efficient operations.

Launch a new product in regulated sector


Aurora Funnel
  • The introduction of a new beverage requires 200+ processes to be kicked off and synced up.
  • Across all 50 key regions.
  • Across legal, finance, supply chain, and sales.


Aurora Lightbulb
  • Full end to end automation, routing and orchestration of lean processes.
  • Organise and collaborations of activities across functional groups.


Aurora ROI
  • Significant reduction in approval time for new document changes leading to a 20% reduction in time to launch the product.
  • 34% reduction in manual effort across 40 people.
  • Visibility, transparency, and improved compliance.

Process 200+ different reports for month end closing


Aurora Funnel
  • Short window to process.
  • Varying file formats and structure that may change over time.
  • Manually transcribed into a spreadsheet by the offshore team.


Aurora Lightbulb
  • Automate collection and normalisation of data.
  • Orchestrate handoffs, provide the script for customer interaction, collect data.
  • Maintain requests within a centralised dashboard.
  • Supervised learning for initially for training and exceptions.
  • Keeps stakeholders notified of status and issues.


Aurora ROI
  • 50% reduction in new employee training time.
  • 22% reduction in the needed offshore team.
  • 46% reduction in cycle time to transcribe the data.
  • 98% reduction in error rates from transcription.

Our list is extensive, it is not exhaustive, so if you don’t see the process you are looking for please get in touch with us, and we’ll take a look for you.

  • Ramp up resource optimisation
  • Maintain lower costs 
  • Service level reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Streamline spreadsheets and document processing
  • Reduce errors and missteps 
  • Data processing
  • Back office processing
  • Automate workflows of routine tasks 
  • Optimise employee efforts 
  • Quickly adapt to analysis
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
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