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Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

Global company dramatically improves invoice intake process

Case Study

Industry: Additional Industries
Presence: 100 countries
# of Employees: 15,000


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • The manual vendor invoice intake process was time-consuming, repetitive, and prone to error
  • 1,000+ invoices per month compiled from 30 different systems
  • Slow processing times and billing delays


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • The solution delivery team mapped out the existing, exhaustive 95-step manual process
  • Designed a new invoice intake process that automated 90% of the manual work


Aurora-ecs ROI
  • £100,000 saved during the initial automation project, with £1.1M of savings when all invoice processes are automated
  • Scaling across all 30 systems and is expected to save more than 1,500 hours each year

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