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Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

40,000 employee hour time savings for Healthcare company

Case Study

Industry: Additional Industries
Presence: 1m+ patients
# of Employees: 65,000


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • Needed to increase its HR employee capacity to do more high-value work  
  • Wanted to save time and provide additional services as well as drive lower costs
  • Must work across different platforms


Aurora-ecs Funnel
  • Identified diverse landscape of tools applicable to HR technology professionals
  • Implemented changes shifting the way people think
  • Instilled a focus on automation to achieve goals


Aurora-ecs ROI
  • Within the first six months, 4,000 hours’ worth of work automated 
  • Extending its use to additional processes has increased its time-savings to 40,000 employee hours
  • Extra services provided with the same amount of people

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