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Citizen Developers – How to empower your employees to be the future workforce you need with no-code Intelligent Automation

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How? With a no-code intelligent automation platform

So where does this myth come from? Traditionally, automation platforms have required some heavy lifting from IT, as well as expensive technical coding expertise. Adoption has been slow and complex for employees learning to work with it and keeping it going can be time-consuming for IT and disruptive to operations. 

In reality, no-code platforms present no such problems. The quick pace of tech innovation has provided a technology solution that allows automations to be built by non-IT business users, called citizen developers, creating their own digitised processes. These citizen developers are your current employees.  

Citizen Developers

Gartner’s definition of a Citizen Developer is: “A citizen developer is an employee who creates application capabilities for consumption by themselves or others, using tools that are not actively forbidden by IT or business units. A citizen developer is a persona, not a title or targeted role. They report to a business unit or function other than IT.”

Putting technology right into employee hands, who have an in-depth understanding of their specific processes and customer engagement challenges, means they can quickly build automation to overcome the process hurdles they know best. 

Empowering existing employees to deliver your digital transformation via Intelligent Automation overcomes many tech challenges, including speed and cost, adoption, resourcing, and scalability.

No-code Intelligent Automation benefits include:

  • Minimise external costs and resources – save on expensive external day rate fees as your existing employees will design, build and deliver your digital process automations.
  • Train any employee - easily create unlimited automations using low code services with agile cross-department collaborations enabling innovation and accelerated value creation. 
  • Improve employee experience – create and foster an agile digital culture, futureproofing and repurposing your teams with new digital skills
  • Enhance employee wellbeing – increase job satisfaction and stimulus through the focus on higher-value activities

The right talent is already in place

By 2024, 80% of tech could be built outside of IT. Gartner predicts that most technology products and services will soon be built by those who are not technology professionals. Thanks to low-code and no-code tools new business technology. Gartner has also recently predicted that existing employees who are trained to use low-code and no-code tools, aka those upskilled to become “citizen developers,” will pass the number of professional developers at large organizations four-to-one by 2023.

You might not think it, but your current employees are your future workforce.

Transforming your business with a no-code Intelligent Automation platform means your employees can learn new digital skills as they automate your business processes. You can retrain and upskill any employee, so they can easily create and deliver the process automations that you need. This way you will have unlimited resources, when you need them on demand, at a greatly reduced cost base. 

By taking this approach you’ll achieve your primary objectives whilst your teams will experience increased job satisfaction and well-being. This will deliver incremental value and ROI, as well as, accelerating your digital transformation.

Disengagement risk and cost

Highly manual and time-consuming activities lead to employee disengagement which results in higher absenteeism, decreased productivity, lower job satisfaction and diminished employee wellbeing.

Disengaged employees cost the UK economy £70 billion annually, through lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, and low productivity, creativity and innovation (Gallup). 

Intelligent Automation will easily automate more than half of all the processes within a business operation. And in doing so eliminate many repetitive, admin-based tasks which currently take up approximately 45% of an average office worker's time, resulting in a more motivated workforce who can then focus on higher-value activities that drive engagement, productivity, and performance. 

Your current employees are your employees of the future

You might not think it, but your current employees are your employees of the future you need. Companies that encourage creativity and innovation outperform their competitors by driving up customer satisfaction, revenue growth and market share (Forrester, 2019).

Use Intelligent Automation technologies to build a culture that allows your teams to harness their knowledge, creativity and innovative thinking instead of spending their time on monotonous, routine activities. Encouraging your team to innovate will make them feel challenged, valued and engaged. That in turn, positively impacts employee performance, job satisfaction and drives better business outcomes.

Our Intelligent Automation platform is equipped with advancements of the latest AI solutions. This means your business can push boundaries by connecting people, processes and technology. Get started and create real tangible value across your enterprise – leading to true Hyperautomation.


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