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How no-code technology is revolutionising digital transformation

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No-code explained: What is no-code?  

No-code refers to no-code platforms (NCPs) or no-code development platforms (NCDPs), using graphics to create a user-friendly platform. These platforms require zero-programming experience or expertise to develop and / or write code.  

Features of no-code platforms (also known as visual development platforms) often include building blocks, a drag and drop format and other illustrative features which allow those without any coding experience to quickly build and develop workflows. This is because, as the name suggests, code is displayed graphically.  


Benefits of no-code 

A no-code Intelligent Automation platform enables your teams to create a faster, leaner, digitised business, building smart, automated workflows to get more done with less effort. With a platform built from the ground up it will have all the capabilities you need to do more work, better, augmenting the resources you have. The no-code software empowers employees to design and build enterprise scale processes connecting powerful applications which can grow and adapt according to the needs of a business. Speed is also key, no-code is also far quicker because it is a visual process using pre-built modules 


Minimising external resources 

“The future of coding is no coding at all.” - Chris Wanstrath, CEO at GitHub. 

When thinking of traditional coding, many think of pages of numbers, symbols and characters which to most would mean nothing. This ‘code’ takes developers weeks to turn into fully functioning business workflows. However, using innovative, contemporary no-code technology, any employee can get involved in development, without the necessity for traditional developers.  

The technology industry no longer has to be associated only with website developers, software engineers, consultants and hackers. Instead, we’re now seeing no code app builders, and low and no code platforms which allow for the digital transformation of a workplace to be conducted solely though Intelligent Automation.  

This means savings on expensive external day rate fees as existing employees design, build and deliver intelligent process automations. 


Diversity & Inclusion 

Technology is meant to solve problems for all within professional and everyday life. However, the industry is often criticised due to its lack of inclusivity and diversity. If there are no differences between ideas, education and people in the industry, ideas and progression will become stagnant. This leads to a lack of agility and creativity within the industry, and problems stop being solved. The time has come for a technology industry door to be opened in the area of code, pioneered by the no-code movement. 


No-code, low-code, code and developers 

To fully understand the value of no-code automation platforms in recent years, it’s important to make the distinction between no-code, low-code and code.  

No-code means anyone can automate. Any new or existing business user can learn to use a no-code Intelligent Automation platform to build their own processes, even without an IT or coding background. 

Low-code platforms, sometimes recognised as Enterprise low-code application platforms (LCAPs), are workflow or application development platforms which still offer or require a further element of coding. They therefore need non-technical users or citizen developers to work together with developers during the workflow or application development process.  

Code, in simple terms, is a set of rules and instructions made up of words, numbers and symbols. When put in the correct order, it will create commands for a computer.  



Developers are people who create and develop code, requiring them to map and edit huge amounts of information in order to make sure the set of instructions (code) is correct. In many ways, code bridges the gap between human thinking and computer processes.  

With the development of no-code platforms, development has become more agile than ever predicted as employees with no technical experience can create workflows, something which previously required coders (developers). Empowering existing employees to deliver digital transformation.  



Sean Cho, Catalytic CEO and Founder, explains the no-code, low-code and code concept using a pyramid analogy. Using no-code platforms, the majority of developers will be citizen developers using the no-code element of the platform. There will then be a smaller amount who have some experience using traditional code or building workflows who will be using low-code. Finally, a minority of the developers will be traditional coders.  

As there is already a huge demand for traditional coders, developers will not lose jobs due to the no-code movement. Instead, visualisation of coding with no-code platforms will provide jobs in tech for those who have no prior experience.  

As smaller workflows will be created by citizen developers, business development can be fast-tracked. More people than ever before will be working on automating their workflows.  


The value of no-code 

Increased agility and saved time – Using the user-friendly graphics which no-code platforms provide, it is simple to develop workflows. Any testing and editing required in workflows can be conducted using automations which can further save time. This enhances business agility, not only through agile ways of working but also through the opportunity to be innovative due to this increases time saved. 

Reduced costs – One of the issues with using only traditional code-developers was the shortage of developers (as the profession requires years of expensive training), as well as the cost. This is no longer an issue with the rise of the citizen developer. No-code gives a solution to bypass huge overheads for developers and consultants, meaning your current employees won’t lose their jobs in the process. Workflows can be built quicker, at a cheaper cost, using the talent in your business’ existing teams.

Wider creativity – As earlier mentioned, the technology industry is notorious for its lack of inclusivity and diversity. The rise of no-code gives an opportunity for anyone to suggest ideas for business development and implement these in workflows using no-code platforms. This leads a larger group of staff having direct access to the technology aspect of element of a business. 

Increased brain-power is always a positive thing. New ideas can be put forward and different approaches can be experimented with this new agile way of creating workflows and employees can become empowered.  

Improved productivity – As development will take place at a quicker pace, the back-log for work can be hugely altered. Automating manual tasks into workflows frees up staff for other more stimulating jobs, making their day at work more enjoyable, this means that business development goals can be achieved at a quicker pace.  

Easily altered – Previous issues with code have arisen due to the complicated nature of changing features within a large amount of code. No-code provides simple functionality which means small and large changes can be completed in a fraction of the time. 


Implementing no-code Intelligent Automation in your enterprise 

Aurora are Intelligent Automation specialists with a driving passion to help clients re-imagine new ways of working by leveraging an exciting selection of smart digital technologies and services within the Catalytic Intelligent Automation cloud. Our main goal is to inspire our clients to innovative and self-automation to improve operations, accelerate ROI and drive top-line growth; all of which can be done using the Catalytic no-code platform.  

Enterprise-scale Intelligent Automation will drive increased operational effectiveness, realise incremental financial benefits whilst creating market agility and mitigation against business challenges. 

Automating with us will give you the ability to scale quickly, adapt, and innovate. To kick-start or accelerate your automation journey book a free consultation, or try our ROI tool here and discover for yourself the benefits of no-code, cloud-based and AI-enabled Intelligent Automation.  









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