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How to automate your business processes and why

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Intelligent Automation is the future of business operations, and a no-code cloud platform means you can empower your existing employees to easily control and create your own enterprise-scale, AI-powered digital process automations. Sounds simple and it is. That is the easy part. The bigger challenge is knowing where to start. And that is where the collaboration with a software and services partner becomes invaluable.

Let’s start with why.


Why automate intelligently?

Intelligent Automation is a place where people and digital workers stand united as a combined collaborative workforce within a unified enterprise. This blend of automation and artificial intelligence enables digital process automation. In doing so it accelerates efficiency, profitability, and compliance while empowering people to focus on higher-value activities, creating real business impact. This enables you to seamlessly control your enterprise transformation by unifying process activities across the front, middle and back-office, resulting in a new borderless, highly automated, and client-centric organisation.


Control your outcomes to deliver your business objectives.

  • Improve customer experience – deliver personalised seamless buying experiences with digital automations delivering high speed and accurate on-time service propositions.
  • Realise financial benefits – employees create, deliver, and manage unlimited process automations that result in cost reduction, increased productivity, and improved ROI.
  • Minimise external resources – save on expensive external day rate fees as your existing employees will design, build, and deliver your digital process automations.


Empower your people as the right talent is already in place.

  • Train any employee - easily create unlimited automations using no-code services with agile cross-department collaborations enabling innovation and accelerated value creation.
  • Improve employee experience – create and foster a digital culture, futureproofing and repurposing your teams with new digital skills.
  • Enhance employee wellbeing – increase job satisfaction and stimulus through the focus on higher-value activities.


Accelerate your process automation and take control of your digital transformation.

  • Drive operational effectiveness – the change catalyst, Intelligent Automation, will release further value from current capabilities and approaches creating the next-generation target operating model to deliver the strategic vision.
  • Create market agility - deliver high speed and accurate services underpinned by seamless operations with the ability to respond dynamically to an ever-changing business environment.
  • Increase employee productivity – minimise the manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks through investment in automation will create incremental capacity or reallocate to meet business requirements.


Tangible outcomes of Intelligent Automation:

  • Improved quality
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced agility across your front, middle, and back-office
  • A new level of employee experience and job satisfaction with more rewarding activities


Where to automate?

Business process automation can be effective in almost any role or department of any industry. That is because all department and functions have their own operations. The way the team operates across people, systems and data is what process automation is all about. However, the most common starting points are:


What to automate?

While automation can be a massive time-saver, not everything is automatable. A process needs to be repetitive and recurring with a degree of predictability to apply automation. Things good for automation are usually:

  • Repetitive
  • Recurring
  • Manual
  • Multiple hand-offs and approvals
  • Data-heavy
  • Involve deliverables

It is important to understand that because something can be automated does not always mean it is worth the effort to do so. A no-code tool can significantly speed up a process, but the time an automated workflow can save you still needs to be worth the time and effort it takes to create. For example:

  • Standard Operating Procedures - are perfect for workflow automation since they are frequently recurring repeatable processes with multiple steps—and are important to get right, every time.
  • Creating reports and deliverables – are often from disconnected data and software sprawl makes creating consolidated reports a challenge.
  • Processing forms and requests – whether on paper or online completed forms pile up. Automated workflows are perfect for processing anything that comes after someone hits the “submit” button.

Cloud-based automation platforms are great for a variety of workflows that impact customers, employees, and suppliers, allowing you to build almost anything. You can build workflows where no process existed previously. Or you can build workflows to augment existing systems or to “fill in the gaps” between them.

But where do you start?

Your starting point for automation

1. Identify your readiness through digital exploration - Focus on creating real value through Intelligent Automation when transforming complex processes. Your digital transformation journey starts by understanding your company’s readiness to develop, drive and enable your organisation’s digital process automation objectives.

2. Formulate your future through digital innovation - Build a digitally augmented workforce at scale by leveraging Intelligent Automation. Innovation requires change. Fortune favours the brave and those who reinvent new ways of working to create new organisational frameworks and operating models.

3. Accelerate your outcomes to deliver digital transformation.

DISCOVER - define the ambition - Imagine how the organisation would work if it were completely digitised and visualise the future end state.

DESIGN - create the digital transformation plan - The first step is to validate which capabilities, skills, and technologies in the ecosystem complement, support and or augment the desired digital transformation and how to include them accordingly.

DISSEMINATE - share the vision to key stakeholders - The change and communications plan is as important as the transformation plan. Engage and win over the influencers both inside and outside the organisation with crisp and clear tailored messages.

DELIVER - execute the digital transformation plan - The challenge is not just about making sure you have the right people, in the right place at the right time, but to make sure they all work in collaboration, agree on the transformation blueprint, and have a joint desire to succeed.


How to implement intelligent automation?

Intelligent Automation is all about redefining processes to optimise the customer, employee, and supplier journeys through the front, middle and back-office operations creating a single optimised and Unified Enterprise.

With a no-code automation platform, you can empower your existing employees to deliver your Intelligent Automation as well as enable them to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Your employees will learn new digital skills as they automate your business processes.
  • We can retrain and upskill any employee, so they can easily create and deliver the process automations that you need, using our no-code, AI-enabled, Intelligent Automation platform.
  • This way you will have unlimited resources, when you need them on demand, at a greatly reduced cost base.
  • By taking this approach you will achieve your primary objectives whilst your teams will experience increased job satisfaction and well-being.
  • This will deliver incremental value and ROI, as well as, accelerating your digital transformation - using the talent you already have, within already agreed budgets, at a speed you never thought could be achieved.


Self-funding, self-reliant and self-driven

Our no-code, AI-enabled Intelligent Automation platform will easily automate 50-100% of the processes within your business operation. Invest internally in digital skills rather than externally. Talk to us about your automation needs. With ROI typically within 3-6 months, our platform is a self-funding solution using your existing operational budget’s so eliminating the need to source additional capital expenditure.

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