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Why a no-code automation platform is the most intelligent investment you will make

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Increasing business demands are accelerating the use of technology, reaching a stage where "almost" any business process can be automated, from procurement to human resources.  However, the question now is how to achieve scale, quickly and easily, and without requiring the need to source additional capital expenditure. 

No-code technology is becoming a big trend – but what does it mean?

No-code platforms were created with the citizen developer in mind. No longer requiring a coder, existing employees, including regular business users and executives without any coding experience who can now quickly and easily, create and manage automations using an Intelligent Automation platform.

 These no-code platforms remove the need for technical expertise, whilst overcoming traditional IT development constraints of time, resources, and money, to achieve agility in business processes.

There is a misconception that no-code automation platforms only allow for simple automation however no-code platforms deliver futureproof technology that will allow users to automate any business process that meets specific needs in any organisation.

 No-code automation technology "democratizes" what used to be only for developers to make it available for everyone. Unlike traditional scripting, no-code platforms feature prebuilt drag-and-drop activities and tasks that facilitate integration at the business user level.” Forbes What Is No-Code? 


How does no-code intelligent automation differ to RPA?

Overtime, the limitations of RPA have been recognised. The benefits of Intelligent Automation have been explored to leverage across the Enterprise machine learning and artificial intelligence to make decisions where an RPA bot cannot, accelerating process automation at a pace beyond that of legacy RPA bots. 

RPA follows rules to automate work that has no variation. Adequate for some types of repetitive tasks, problems emerge when variation is introduced. To maximise scalability and ROI, AI-powered Intelligent Automation has added capability greatly enhanced beyond that of RPA, meaning it can learn and adapt to data in real-time. 

So, no matter how often your business processes change; or how much involves unstructured data, implementing Intelligent Automation will ensure that the superior AI-powered technology adapts as well as people, overcoming the obstacles of RPA.


The benefits to the company and the employees of no-code

A no-code approach is helping business users automate repetitive, error-prone processes that prevent them from focusing on high-level, strategic work that adds business value. However, AI-powered Intelligent Automation is not just about automating boring tasks but also about helping people to be better at their jobs – with real-time data, predictive analytics, insights, better communication, and enhanced digital skills.

All of this enables the business focus to be on controlling outcomes for future growth and encouraging teams to innovate, making them feel challenged, valued, and engaged. That in turn, positively impacts employee performance, job satisfaction and drives better business outcomes.

And the positives keep coming. If employees understand the process, they can create enterprise-scale process automations using a no-code platform. Employees learn new digital skills as they automate your business processes. You then have unlimited resources, when you need them on demand, at a greatly reduced cost base. And you have available a new resource to innovate, using their knowledge and expertise to achieve the desired business outcomes, and able to respond quickly to the unknown, challenges of tomorrow. All supported by digital workers.

“No-code empowers experts and subject matter experts primarily on the business or operations side (as opposed to IT) to become “citizen developers” 


Why no-code is taking over

One reason is because of an IT skills shortage — employers are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions, and external contractors are unable to take on additional work. 

Gartner predicts that by 2023, the number of active no-code developers at large enterprises will exceed the number of professional developers four times within a given organization enhancing its bottom line. - Gartner, “Future of Applications: Delivering the Composable Enterprise”

A no-code Intelligent Automation AI-powered platform enables existing business users to create automations for the way their work should be, not how it has to be. This enables greater efficiencies and visibility within their operations. Essentially, they can achieve far more with less effort, cost, and risk.

A no-code Intelligent Automation platform also enables teams to create a faster, leaner, digitised business, building smart, automated workflows to get more done with less effort. With a platform built from the ground up it will have all the capabilities you need to do more work, better, augmenting the resources you have. 

The no-code software empowers employees to design and build enterprise-scale processes connecting powerful applications which can grow and adapt according to the needs of a business. Speed is also key, no-code is also far quicker because it is a visual process using pre-built modules.


What are the long-term benefits of a no-code platform?

No-code means anyone can automate. If you understand the process, you can create the automation. Essentially any new or existing business user can learn to use a no-code Intelligent Automation platform to build their own processes, even without an IT or coding background. 

You might not think it, but your current employees are your employees of the future.


Invest internally in your digital innovation!

Each new stage of digital innovation need not necessitate the requirement for expensive external consultants. Innovation is done best by those people with the greatest understanding of the issues, the passion to transform their place of work, those at the heart of the business. The challenge is how to empower these people, your employees, to take you to your digital destination.


Self-funding, self-reliant and self-driven

Our no-code, AI-enabled Intelligent Automation platform will easily automate 50-100% of the processes within your business operation. Invest internally in digital skills rather than externally. Talk to us about your automation needs. With ROI typically within 3-6 months our platform is a self-funding solution using your existing operational budget’s so eliminating the need to source additional capital expenditure.


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