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Embrace the digital transformation of HR with AI-powered automation, today.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) brings tangible benefits in processing speed, accuracy, and consistency to business operations. When applied to Human Resources and People Operations this Intelligent Automation not only enhances efficiency but also frees employees from tedious manual tasks allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks like decision making and strategy. 


What is HR Automation? 

Used well, technology makes HR practices more efficient. The use of technology in the future of HR automation will result in the seamless streamlining of recurring human resource tasks and activities - significantly reducing the time it takes to complete HR business processes. 

AI in HR empowers employees to solve problems and make more informed decisions that positively impact organisational success with: 

  • HR onboarding automation: A combination of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes employee onboarding easier for HR teams. Cloud-based HR is even more essential with remote working fast becoming part of the new normal.  
  • Recruitment automation tools: Recruitment interviews and performance evaluations are bolstered by technology. Using AI can objectively screen applicants and predict the most suitable candidates, reducing bias in hiring, enabling recruitment strategies that ensure equal opportunities are given to all applicants. 
  • AI in employee engagement: Disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £70 billion every year (Gallup). Highly manual and time-consuming activities lead to employee disengagement which results in higher absenteeism, decreased productivity, lower job satisfaction and diminished employee wellbeing. 


Data-driven people operations 

HR is all about connection and engagement, with current and prospective employees on a personal level. Leveraging scalable, AI technology means this can be achieved on a large scale by an HR function. 

COVID-19 has amplified many of the challenges already faced by Human Resources prior to the pandemic. It has shifted priorities and exposed significant skill gaps and accelerated the need for HR digital transformation and data-driven people operations

A Capterra survey found some companies are finding their HR legacy systems are no longer fit for purpose and it predicted that by the end of the year, 70% will utilise HR technologies. 

An evidence-based approach to HR applies data, analysis, and research to understand the connection between people management practices and business outcomes, such as profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, and quality. 

Using real-time analytics, managers can make more informed decisions, as data can demonstrate the impact that absences, open shifts, and unplanned schedule changes are having on key performance indicators, allowing them to that avoid issues before they arise. 

Artificial intelligence is one of the ways an organisation can connect an entire employee population and understand what they need. 


Building resilience and adding value 

To thrive in the new reality, AI-powered HR Automation can help drive resilience and increase value with investment focussed on: 

  1. Improving the culture and employee experience in any working environment - Use Intelligent Automation technologies to build a culture that allows your teams to harness their knowledge, creativity, and innovative thinking instead of spending their time on monotonous, routine activities. 
  2. Taking the lead on reskilling the organisation - retrain and upskill any employee, so they can easily create and deliver the process automations that you need, using a no-code, AI-powered, Intelligent Automation platform
  3. Using data analytics to measure and improve productivity, understand talent needs, and design the future workforce - eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, and enable employees to focus on higher-value activities that drive engagement, productivity, and performance. 


According to the Gartner 2019 Artificial Intelligence Survey ,17% percent of organisations already used AI-based solutions in their HR function and another 30% will do so 2022.  

Early AI adopters already show proven results, with improvements reported as significant by:  

  • 62% of those that have deployed AI to improve data-based decision making 
  • 57% of those wanting to improve the employee experience 
  • 56% of those trying to further automate repetitive or manual tasks 
  • 51% of those hoping to capture cost savings 

Cost savings, more accurate data-based decision making, and improved employee experience are cited by HR leaders as the top reasons they deploy AI.  


From process-led to purpose-led 

Automating People Operations will enable the HR team to spend less time overseeing manual processes and more time helping to achieve the organisation’s core purpose and business objectives. 

HR employees time will be freed up by using automation to focus on activities that drive greater agility and productivity in the workforce.  Using an AI-powered technology platform they can engage with employees whether in the office or working remotely and meet their reskilling needs, whilst using data analytics to measure and improve productivity, understand talent needs, to design the future workforce. 


HR automation benefits 

AI is increasingly proving its worth in transforming efficiency and performance in HR in the age of digital transformation. By taking away the manual data processing work you can implement HR automation best practice to: 

Hire faster - Identify only candidates that are an ideal fit for your company, increase speed-to-hire and streamline the recruitment process overall with better digital HR solutions.  

Optimise candidate experience - Streamline communication, including scheduling interviews, follow-ups, feedback, and letting them know whether they have been chosen to move forward. 

Retain more employees - Engage with employees within the normal flow of their workday with consistent touchpoints of communication and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.  

Optimise the employee experience - Automate admin work and focus on the employee and culture experience that build relationships and create an efficient and healthy work environment.  


Automating with Aurora means employees learn new digital skills as they automate business processes. Retraining and upskilling any employee, to easily create and deliver the process automations that a business needs, using a no-code, AI-powered, Intelligent Automation platform. 

This means an organisation has unlimited resources, when they need them on demand, at a greatly reduced cost base. This approach achieves an organisation’s primary objective, whilst HR employees and wider teams experience increased job satisfaction and well-being. Delivering incremental value and ROI and accelerated digital transformation. 

Make an enquiry and book a free consultation to discuss a Soft Proof of Concept - provide one week of an employee’s time, and in a month you will see what Intelligent Automation will do for your business. 

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