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Digital Exploration: Identify your readiness

We transform complex processes — with a focus on creating real value through Intelligent Automation

Identify your readiness

Your digital transformation journey starts by understanding your company’s readiness to develop, drive and enable your organisation’s digital process automation objectives.

These areas include technology readiness, business value management, business outcomes to be met, leadership and people skills all aligned to change & control requirements and compliance frameworks. 

Leading with a client-centric, process-first approach delivering great value for our clients

Leveraging the Visualise element of our VAU methodology, a proven approach that encompasses a truly end-to-end perspective from ideation to production. Which enables you to start your automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, pursue growth and innovation. 

First step: plan for an integration layer between new Cloud and existing technologies which we call a System of Engagement layer which manages multiple processes, disparate data, and legacy systems.

The main benefits of starting an intelligent automation initiative this way include:

• Easier integration across systems of record – including legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud applications

• Full visibility and control over an entire end-to-end process

• A single place for managing enterprise-wide process rules

• The ability to unlock new data-driven insights

Using agile methodologies, we focus on the challenges limiting top-line growth and bottom-line savings

Evaluate the maturity of your company; perform a diagnostic that considers your company’s current capabilities and your clients’ experiences. Assess’ your agility across your front, middle, and back-office to those of your industry peers and best practices against the following:

Evaluate the company by performing a diagnosis that considers the company’s current capabilities and their clients’ experiences and assesses your agility across your front, middle, and back-office to those of your industry and best practices. 

Are you aligned around a vision and have a defined automation blueprint embracing the Hyperautomation journey with goals in place to meet short and long term digital transformation and business objectives?

Are you fostering, developing and cultivating the right mindsets, behaviours and engagement critical to capturing digital opportunities?

Do you have the right structures, processes, and people talent in place to execute on your digital strategy?

Do you have the systems, tools, people (digital) skills, and technology to achieve your digital blueprint and business goals?

Identify and plan the governance strategy that will oversee your human and digital workforce to ensure everything performs as expected, build trust in automation and protect your return on investment.

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