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Digital Transformation: Accelerate your outcomes

Innovation intelligently applied to deliver digital transformation at scale

The four phases that matter in a digital transformation

Digital transformations require top-down commitments to reinvent the business rather than just improve it. Without this sponsorship and management commitment, you will fail to address the real issues at the core of the transformation. 

“Without a transformation of the core the value proposition, people, processes, and technologies that are the lifeblood of the business—any digital initiative is likely to be a short-term fix.” (Mckinsey)  

A digital reinvention requires prioritisation of decisions and how to implement those decisions being the key element of a successful digital transformation.

Our approach is to imagine how the organisation would work if it were completely digitised and visualise the future end state. A collaborative leap is needed to identify how a business might serve customers in new ways across their entire journey through removal of operational silos and unification of end to end processes.

The first step is to validate which capabilities, skills, and technologies in the ecosystem complement, support and or augment the desired digital transformation and how to include them accordingly. 

Choose a digital transformation leader who is immersed in all things digital and has the vision, ongoing direction and empowerment to lead other senior multi discipline leaders to drive the day to day activities with a focus on collaboration, customer centricity and a tolerance for risk.

The change and communications plan are as important as the transformation plan and worthy of a title to catch the attention of everyone, after all we all know empowerment linked to the title of “CEO”. 

The initial objective should be to engage and win over the influencers both inside and outside the organisation with crisp and clear messages, in a steady cadence, using all relevant formats and channels. It’s an influencing program, so messages need to be tailored to the audience—from employees to the board to shareholders.

The key lever to a successful digital transformation are the resources available in-house and with partners. The challenge is not just about making sure you have the right people, in the right place at the right time, but to make sure they all work in collaboration, agree on the transformation blueprint and have a joint desire to succeed.

Digital transformation requires agile budgeting with short term budgeting cycles for capital operating costs, driven by each element of a digital initiative’s progress giving priority to those areas when required.

The sequencing of the transformations towards delivering quick wins that yield revenue benefits and reduce costs aggregating toward cumulative effect is critical, so the delivering a cohesive digital programme which does not undermine the ultimate benefits of scale.

We inspire our clients to innovate and transform to a Unified Enterprise

We collaborate and enable organisations to focus on the right tangible business outcomes. By applying innovation in ways that are meaningful to the business  - adding value in every step of the digital transformation journey.

We empower teams to:

  • Discover, ideate and collaborate to define the digital blueprint leveraging innovations to enable the delivery of the unified end state operating model, which we define as a digital Unified Enterprise.
  • We identify areas of innovation and prioritise which projects will provide maximum ROI in an optimum order of sequencing to achieve the end state digital transformation objective.
  • We use agile methodologies to rapidly deploy, test and scale the innovations to maximise the benefits while minimising the risks.

We always focus on the principles that for Intelligent Automation to be successful, it's important to adopt a holistic approach underpinned by the three core pivots to any business customer, employee and supplier end to end process journeys.

When you successfully connect people, process, and technology you accelerate productivity, empower your teams, create new outcomes and transform user experiences at scale.

We achieve true digital transformation by delivering a Unified Enterprise which requires a Hyperautomated domain consisting of an  AI-powered digital Intelligent Automation platform with secure Cloud and modular API connectivity 

Modular connectivity enables future best in breed technologies to integrate and work seamlessly within the System of Engagement layer as part of the Unified Enterprise platform, allowing agility and maximum ROI.

Working with Aurora

When you work with Aurora, we enable your digital transformation by taking a client-centric approach embraching the journey with Hyperautomation services. Redefining processes to optimise the customer, employee and supplier journeys through front, middle and back-office operations creating a single optimised and Unified Enterprise.

We are digital transformation Ninja's. We will digitally transform and deliver benefits to your business.

We know exactly what it takes to deliver success in today’s digital hyper-connected world.

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